Monday, August 20, 2007

Testing All RunAway Box Fans' Literacy...

Aaaaaaaaaand we've done it. has made the leap to the world of blogging! Assuming the majority of our fans know how to read, this may actually work out!

The RunAway Blog will be our way of keeping you updated on what's happening "BEHIND-THE-SCENES" here at runawaybox. I, Paul, will be heading up the blog, and I'm sure some other people will be dropping by occasionally to put in their two cents on what's going on. Want some hints on what's coming up next on "Elevator"? Check out the RunAway Blog. Want to be the first to know about new projects? Check out the RunAway Blog. Have questions, comments, ideas? Post to the RunAway Blog and get a quick response! Want to know what Woody ate for lunch, what kind of shoes Jaime is wearing, Joe's shampoo of preference*? Well, that's kind of creepy!

But, seriously, if you're interested in hearing some funny tidbits about what went on off-camera during a certain shoot, you'll find it here! It's like a commentary track on a DVD, except you have to read it! I know reading was just a passing fad of the 1990's, akin to the Reebok Pump and Tae-bo, but just pretend you're deaf and are reading subtitles that are accompanied by images. Or maybe you actually are deaf, in which case, I'm terribly sorry.

Basically, the RunAway Blog is the place to come for the inside scoop. So check back regularly, updates will be frequent!


Remember our YouTube channel, ManintheBoxShow? Well, starting September 4th, you can forget it! (Sorry to sound all infomercial-ly). Anyway, we're moving to a brand new channel: This is the channel we've always wanted, but were too witless to do right the first time! Starting September 4th, you will only be able to find all new episodes of "Elevator", "Man in the Box", and "Dave Hill" at! Want to relive the glorious past few months of RunAwayBox videos? Just look in our favorites on They're all there! Subscribe to the new channel and automatically receive the newest videos from runawaybox! Or as I like to say: SET IT... AND FORGET IT!

Somebody stop me.

*Suave for Men