Thursday, January 10, 2008

Behind the Scenes of Elevator - A Friendly Wager

Hey, gang! Here's another extra for you... A Behind the Scenes of the recently aired Elevator episode "A Friendly Wager". And really, who wouldn't want to see more of Woody dressed in drag?

Recognize the hottie in the front? That's Woody, and this is an unused take from "A Friendly Wager."

Runaway Fact: This is actually Jaime's dress. She plays Sharon on Elevator. It would have been a lot more pleasant to see Jaime on the Elevator in this dress, but a lot less funny.

Out of a batch of ten episodes, Woody chose to shoot "A Friendly Wager" first, as he was so eager to get it over with. Or maybe he was just really eager to see what he looked like as a woman.

At Runaway Box, everybody does everything. That's Genevieve Jones who plays Intern Jane on Elevator applying Woody's make-up. That's just funny to say.

I guess putting this picture up is about as close to revenge as I'll get for Woody putting me in an Elevator naked. This is Jaime's office, by the way, aka the Wardrobe Room.

Runaway Fact: Woody insisted that a woman dress him. I offered to help but Woody just kind of looked at me weird... I think I captured it with this picture.

The cast's first reaction to Woman Woody. Somebody actually said his hair looked like it could be a female's from the back. What do you think? "Woman Woody" sounds like a sexual term, but I don't want to imagine what it would be.

Runaway Fact: Although the dress was Jaime's, the purse and tiara belonged to Woody. Pretty convenient to have.

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Jerell said...

If it wasn't for Python and Kids in the Hall, men in women's clothing would not be funny...intentionally.

Paul said...

Good call, Jerell. They paved the way for all comedy cross-dressing. However, Woody brings to mind more of a Will Ferrel as Janet Reno from "SNL" than anything else. What do you think?

Jerell said...

From a straight male point of view, yes. Let's keep this discussion between us and the hundreds of blog readers, OK?