Thursday, September 27, 2007

IDK, my BFF Brody?

Softball Legend Bloopers with Brody Stevens.

So I've been trying to get some bloopers together from Elevator for a while now and finally it has come to fruition. Let's face it... we're not getting these pure comedic gems down on the first try. Sometimes not even the 15th. This one wasn't so bad getting through, but this stuff was just sitting useless on the cutting room floor (not literally, somebody might slip) and so with the help of Woody I finally got it up for you (that's what she said**)! If you enjoy these, there will be more!

Brody was great to work with, by the way. He's a really funny energetic dude, and you can check out his website here. If you look in his videos section you'll see that he apparently is not much of a softball player, though.

So before you watch the bloopers you'll have to check out the original perfect version by clicking here: Elevator - Softball Legend.

Anyway, enjoy, and make sure you leave comments! Let me know what you think or what else we can do!

**That makes no sense.


Sarah said...

More bloopers please!

Pirate Kate said...

I'm most definately with Sarah on this one.

Jess said...

definitely more bloopers...

trextor said...

Sorry to go off-topic: But, The one semester of Spanish love song is hilarious!

How do you come up with this stuff hahaha?

chuck said...

¡Deseo que sabía hablar y escribir a español!