Friday, September 7, 2007

Spanish Love Song

For all of you mono-linguists out there trying to court a spanish-speaking hottie, finally an answer! Just sing them runawaybox's "Spanish Love Song", and they'll fall right into your arms! And by "fall right into your arms", I do mean "slap you in the face".

If you haven’t seen Spanish Love Song yet, I’d like to call you an idiot, but I won’t in fear you’ll take offense and not come to our site anymore.

It’s been up for a while though. Mike Polk (Greg from “Man in the Box”) wrote and performed it, and we filmed here in Los Angeles when he was visiting. It’s been featured in our Music Box since the first day we had the site re-designed. If you’re not going to watch it to see a really white guy make an ass of himself (sorry, Mike) by passionately belting out lyrics such as “Mi gato es muy blanco”, then watch for the smokin’ hot object of Mike’s ojos, Rosa (I think that was her name, and I could double-check, but that would mean I’d have to get up, so…). Anyway, check it out, leave comments, and love us. I SAID LOVE US, DAMMIT!


Lunch Box Authors said...

Is there anyway i could get the audio of that song?

YIA said...

Es genial!!!
I am a Spanish Teacher and these are exactly the kind
of things that my students learn in the first semester
Excellent song.
Very funny!!!

Ellen Zemlin said...

Any way you could post chords and lyrics or something?

You never know when something like this might come in handy. ;-)

Kate said...

this was phenominal. I am working on my spanish teaching degree..and I brought this in to show my students.
Home run, fellas.

Duke said...

It would be very appreciated if you guys could post the chords to this song. It is hillarious, I am trying to figure out a way of being the One Semester of Spanish Love Song singer for Halloween, the only way I could pull it off is with the song to go along with it.

srapalmateer said...

We've been passing the video URL around our school district. What a hoot!!!

If only our students could do that after one semester...

Angela said...

Hi! I'm a blogger from Madrid and I've just embedded your video hoping my "audience" likes it; I really think it's great, it's so cool, Que hora es- que hora es?" Congratulations and thanks por un gran trabajo!!

marturkesa said...

I can't believe it, it's awesome!!! I'm a Spanish Teacher in Barcelona (Spain) and this is reality! I'm still laughing,jejejeje
xxx irene

Nändete de Corcojón y Dos Sicilias said...

Just great, "no remember how to say eleven"! jaja. You just got a link in my blog