Thursday, November 1, 2007

Candy Hangover

Hey, Gang. I imagine you are all too busy to do anything save gorge yourselves on baby-hippopotamus-sized sacks of candy from the recent holiday. I know at times you may get weary, maybe even a little sick, but you must press on. You can't let the candy defeat you. It's a matter of pride. I still have candy left over from a Halloween outing in '92 and I've never been able to live it down. Good news for you, though: I've got a few videos that were MADE to eat candy by.

If you haven't realized, Runaway Box was feeling quite festive this Halloween and made about 4 billion Halloween videos. Here are the five that came out good:

The Marty Show featuring Elvira
Thad's Halloween
Man in the Box - Halloween Boss
Man in the Box - Costumes
Elevator - Three Part Halloween Mini-series!
Part 2*
Part 3

*OKay, so to those of you who have paid attention... Yes, my character, creatively named "Paul", did get eaten by zombies in Part 2 of the Elevator Halloween Mini-series and re-appear in a later episode, entitled "Would you rather?", apparently non-zombified. If you watch closely though, you'll notice that I do make an appearance AS A ZOMBIE in Part 3 of the Elevator Halloween Mini-series, ultimately being sent back to the 13th Floor with the other zombies inhabiting the Elevator. Clearly, from there, my character Paul became King of the Zombies, being closest to life and therefore possessing the most powerful brain. The zombies slaved beneath Paul's iron fist for months (remember, time goes by differently on the 13th floor). Finally, Paul, growing bored of pointless dull conversation, simply walked to the elevator, pressed the down button, got on, and went straight to a dermatologist. Dr. Rubinstein cleared up all the bloody abrasions, sores, and decaying skin, as well as Paul's pale undead complexion. So basically in subsequent episodes Paul is still undead, he's just had a lot of work done. THANK YOU, DR. RUBINSTEIN!!! You guys couldn't figure that out? Shit, learn to read between the lines.

Anyway, enjoy! And for the record, my advice is to get through the candy corn sooner rather than later. You hit that in the final stretch and you're blowing chunks.

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