Friday, November 9, 2007

Runaway Box Live Chat?

That's right. You read correctly. A Runaway Box live chat. However, that question mark at the end there... That's not a typo. We'd love to do it, but we're just wondering what the specifics will be: how long we'd be on, who you guys would want to talk to, and what we would talk about... Eventually we realized we're just too lazy to figure out all that crap ourselves, so we decided to let you do it. Afterwards, we also have a fence you can whitewash for us... it's really fun!

But really, take a look at this here video. Woody explains it all. And if you have answers to the above mentioned questions, leave them either under this post here, or on the comment section of that video! We'd love to hear from you.

We've never done something live before so this is kind of a big deal for us. We need you guys to help us along. It's like we're little birds learning how to fly..... but live, in front of a studio audience.

Help us spread our wings. Help us soar.

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Alexandre said...

How long: It should be no less than 30mins. This kind of things, specially the first time, always takes some time to have everything settled.

Who: Woody, of coarse. Then also the main characters of each show, Greg/Thad, Marty and the janitor from elevator. Of coarse not the "characters" live, that would be lame imo.

What: I would like to know more about the runawaybox project. How did it start? Who started it? Are you guys profiting? Is it working/growing as planned? What's in for the future? Also more personal stuff to the actors like how they got involved with the project. Did they expect it to be this cool?

Hope this helps :)