Thursday, March 6, 2008

Behind the Scenes of Elevator - Strip Club!

These are from the shoot for today's episode of Elevator - Strip Club! Check it out here.

Here is the cast of this episode getting ready to enter the 'Vator. That's sheer determination on their faces.

Things tend to get a little rowdy in there. Not because of the flamboyant homosexuals, but because of Ben Pace.

This was filmed the same day as the episode 'A Friendly Wager'. As ridiculous as these two look, Woody was in a dress and a tiara carrying a pink purse. He wins.

The banana was a last minute detail we decided to throw in. We thought it would be ironic if Chris was munching something phallic while unwittingly planning a trip to a gay strip club.

Yes, it's just a set! Any time somebody has to get in or out of the elevator, they have to step around that black metal pole that holds a light.

What a beautiful couple... Couple of what, I don't know.

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Jasmine said...

yay comment!!!

Love the behind the scenes, btw!!!

Elevator FTW!!!