Monday, March 17, 2008

Behind the Scenes of An Honest R&B Song

"Ooh, Girl!" - An Honest R&B Song is blowing up. The raw sexuality Mike Polk displays in the video rivals that of Horace Brown's 1994 "Taste Your Love"... Except that Mike openly admits he's bad at sex. Here are some pics from that shoot.

Mike sings to camera as his lady friend sits back on the bed, unsatisfied. All too familiar.

The house we shot in was huge, providing all sorts of places for Mike and his girlfriend to have awkward, elbow-y sex.

Matt and Brian were on set to help with the shoot, as always.

Mike taking a time out to test the waters. Is it me or does he look six years old here to anybody else?

Mike looking especially pale.

Matt is either shedding some light on our actors, or is about to do some serious kickboarding action.


Jaime helped direct and produce the video. She jumped in to get a pic with the big, black, beautiful... Escalade.

Matching Adidas track suits are all the rage on the L.A player scene these days, FYI.

Fucking epic. This is an album cover if I ever saw one.

Leave comments and feel free to describe your most embarrassing sexual encounter! Don't all go at once, we might flood the boards with this one.


servidora said...

Please, the lyrics!!... I'm afraid I only have one semester of English :-D

(... from Spain, with love ;-))

Vvash said...

is that the P+S Technik? What camrea is that?

Lucifer Yamamoki said...

Hola, Elevator. Yo habla en espanol, no ingles.
But man, these vids youve put out were so good that they inspired me to learn english!
El Whoot!
Anyway, great vids, and keep up the great work. Harold will ONE DAY RULE THE FUCKING EARTH, AND I DONT CARE WHO SAYS NO!

RoxiticusDH said...

Love it, love it, love it!! Keep up the good work....I've subscribed and can't wait to have more laughs. The Roxiticus Desperate Housewives appreciate your honesty.

Jess said...

This song made me laugh fact..I'm still laughing...

Rowan's special blog said...

cool blog! by the way also love the back round!^_^