Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vote for Spanish Mike on Yahoo! Video Awards

Hey Gang!

Big news. Mike Polk's "One Semester of Spanish Love Song" has been nominated for a Yahoo! Video Award in the category of "Best Comedy Video". We think that's pretty darn sweet.

But here's the thing... In order to win, we have to get the most votes. I know, we should just win automatically, that's what I said. So turns out we need you guys to do your part, and vote for Mike! That is, if you think it's the best video. But somehow I doubt the dog puppet who says five words every thirty seconds is a worthy competitor. That's right, I'm trash talkin' the Yahoo! Video Awards! Get over it!

Mike has promised that if he wins, his acceptance speech will rival that of Sir Daniel Day Lewis' at this year's Oscars. I would personally love to see that.

Thanks for the votes!

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