Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Behind the Scenes of "Marty's Love Song"

If you recall, Marty recently asked viewers to help him write a love song for his Valentine, Renee. And millions of Marty fans the world over answered, sending suggestions for what Marty could say to woo the sweet Renee. Here are some behind the scenes shots from that head-over-heels romantic music video...

Renee is played by Genevieve Jones, or Intern Jane from "Elevator". Here she takes a GINORMOUS bite of a sandwich. This shot actually looks like a panel from a Dilbert comic strip come to life.

Recognize the purple bear? Woody went on to use it in a vlog of his. You can often spot various props being used in multiple videos on Runaway Box. See if you can pick out more (and no, those are NOT the same roses used by Spanish Mike)

This is Brian Mendoza behind the camera. He lights and shoots a lot of our stuff. And he's damn good at it.

And this pic looks like it was taken out of a Sears catalog, of which I just realized Marty would blend right into. I think he'd be in the Duvet covers section.

Brian shoots but the directing is usually a joint effort between Andrew and Brian. Here, Andrew oversees the shot.

This is one of our kitchens here at Runaway Box. They look nice but nobody actually eats in them since we're all addicted to the internet and need a computer in front of us at all times. That's why it's so clean.

Genevieve had to pretend Marty's face was on the heart-shaped card and singing to her in this shot. In reality, a green screen effect was used... No, Andrew can not magically project his face on things, believe it or not.

Andrew records the audio of the song first, then plays it while they are filming so he can lip-sync to it perfectly. Later, in editing, he matches the shots to the music.

There you have it... Leave comments! Maybe Marty will put it in a new song... No promises though. Thanks to Matt for the pics!

OH! And by the way, I definitely just attempted to "Rick Roll" Runaway Box fans in my previous blog. I apologize for anybody I "Rick Rolled".


CandyGurL813 said...

...and this explains why the heart greg was cutting in the valentine's edition of man in the box had one green side and one pink side. i just thought someone was colorblind or something, but it just seems like you guys were reusing the props. PROP REUSERS!!!

Paul said...

ACTUALLY, candygurl, Man in the Box is filmed in Cleveland, not at the Runaway Box offices... So unless Marty mailed Greg that Valentine, I think it was two different props. Good eye, though!