Thursday, February 21, 2008

Behind the Scenes with Melora Hardin!

You've watched her all week here at Runaway Box, and loved her. At least we did. In fact, we loved her so much we named this week "Melora Hardin Week". Still waiting for a "Paul Gulyas Week", but then again I don't play Jan on "The Office".... I play Paul on "Elevator". And my performance is SPOT ON.

Anyway, here's some footage from behind the scenes of the episode "The Office Song". Enjoy!

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Sway said...

Are these Heaven Points some kind of promotional coupons or is it just a less-lame way of suggestion that one should doing something good in order to feel like a good person?
Or are you trying to manipulate people with religious propaganda?

If they are promotional coupons you should make it a contest so the person with the most Heaven Points at the end gets to play Seven Minutes in Heaven with their favorite character.
I would leave no end of comments for a crack at some quality alone time with Snugglebum.

Between these Heaven points and being promised mysterious Runaway Bucks, I feel like I need to go to pretend emotional currency accountant school. How many dimes to a Heaven Point?

Thank you for taking the time to read this very serious and not esoteric conundrum.

Paul said...

Sway, you just earned yourself 6 million Heaven Points.

"Quality Alone Time with Snugglebum" is in fact for sale-- 12 million Heaven Points.

You're halfway there! Thanks for the comment!