Monday, February 11, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Runaway Joke of the Day

Here are some photos taken during the shooting of a bunch of Runaway Jokes of the Day.

Here's how a typical shoot goes. We fill our fishbowl with dozens of awful jokes. Just really, awful, bad jokes. The worse the better. The more you feel like an ass when you've told the punchline, the more successful the joke is in our eyes. We'll gather some completely random props beforehand to kind of throw at people (not literally, although, sometimes, literally) to use at the end of the awful bad not funny joke. And we hope this somehow makes it funny.

Then we invite random people to come, tell a joke, and eat some cookies.

We set up the camera to shoot down the same long hallway every day. I stand in that office with the fishbowl waiting to pop out and hand the person a joke.

Normally we don't pick the joke before it is shot, but this was an exception because she was French. Also, FACT: I was actually not ill when this picture was taken, I just typically do not look healthy.

Scott Chan takes his Joke of the Days very seriously.

Woody raises his arms in triumph after telling a horrible joke.

And Brian and I carry him away from the camera.

Some typical props for a Joke of the Day shoot. My favorite is the horse thing. Do little kids actually use those anymore? I think they are solely produced as jokes.

Danila waits off camera to toss a baby at somebody telling a Dead Baby joke. Look at the deep concentration on her face. The Joke of the Day is not all fun and games; it's precision and timing of throwing silly objects at people.

When we can't find actual people to tell our stupid jokes, we'll just get an inanimate object to do it. More cookies for us.

The Baby and The Sword; pretty much our Runaway Joke of the Day emblem. Our motto: Live by the Baby, Die by the Sword. Or is it the other way around? Either way, it makes no sense.

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Jerell said...

Is Scott Chan a ninja?

Dan said...

haha, love the stuff guys!

Paul said...

Jerell, if you mean to ask if Scott Chan is a ninja in "Elevator", then no, I don't believe he has been.

If you're asking about real life, then the answer is yes, and a very powerful one.

Dan-- Glad you like it!