Thursday, February 28, 2008

Behind the Scenes with Jason Earles from Hannah Montana

I think one of the biggest secrets of our time is that everybody watches Disney. Everybody. If you deny this, you're lying to yourself. You watch Disney. You're a Hannah Montana fan. That's why you'll love this behind the scenes feature with Jason Earles in the Elevator.

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Sway said...

Oh my God, I had no idea the boxers had such a story of heartache behind them. I'm going to have to find a way to make up for making fun of them.

Seeing Jason Earles like this might make me watch Hannah Montana. Which would make me the last American to do so. I've resisted for so long.... damn. I have to now. It was the little party hat.

BrianErwin said...

Get ready for a wave of boxers with hearts on them!!!

Paul said...

How about boxers with hearts on them, but with Woody faces in the hearts?

Anybody interested in buying?

Eileen said...

this is demeaning, this is awful, this is good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Classic :)